The secret of sensitive in vitro tests? Precision culture media, tailored to the test.

CELLnTEC is a contract research provider with a difference.

The key: our business is based on the development and refinement of epithelial cell culture media.

Why is this important?

Because when testing your active ingredients in vitro, it is important to consider that the potent compounds in culture media may be more powerful than your active, or may reduce the responsiveness of certain cellular mechanisms to all but the strongest stimuli.


Epithelial Testing Services

We have spent twelve years fine-tuning the 80 or more ingredients found in defined culture media to enable us to:

  1. Accurately select a pure population of the desired cell type
  2. Carefully induce the desired cell behaviour (e.g. proliferation, differentiation, quiescence etc.)
  3. Remove compounds from the culture medium that may exert stronger effects that the actives, or interfere with the cellular response or analytical readout.

The rich experience gained during the development of precision culture media gives us great opportunities to increase the accuracy and sensitivity of our in vitro testing services.

Are you ready to switch your R&D program from traditional to specialty media? Our expertise is at your disposal.

Peter Girling, Founder.