14th June 2002 – 3.30 PM

Officially, it all started with a few signatures and the thump of a notary’s stamp.

Inventory on day one: 2 dim rental rooms, 2 second-hand instruments, 2 new products, and 2 eager employees.  Customers at the end of the first quarter: also just 2.

Fast forward 12 years, and CELLnTEC now serves hundreds of customers in over a dozen countries with around 50 products specifically designed for 6 different epithelial tissues.

But if we only consider our story from the official start in 2002, we miss a more intriguing tale that describes how CELLnTEC fits within the 50 year-old history of epithelial cell culture.

> Read about how CELLnTEC is continuing a story started in 1959.

For those who like to skip to the end: the story culminates with a new, 5th generation of epithelial culture products, known as the CnT-Prime media.

Built on 4 previous generations of media extending back to 1959, the CnT-Prime media feature new components included to better mimic micro-environments such as the stem cell niche, and to influence signalling pathways controlling self-renewal, proliferation, and differentiation.

CELLnTEC remains a small and focused company, with continuing activities in the development of advanced new culture products and testing services.  It is rewarding to keep pushing the epithelial cell culture boundaries back – and we have no intention of stopping.

Peter Girling, Founder