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The rewards of focus

2014 saw the launch of the Prime Media and Primary Cells, a tightly integrated system combining sophisticated 2D cultures with the advanced possibilities of 3D, co-culture and aging models. The majority of our customers have now switched to the new products, for their performance, convenience, and price.

The Prime Media were developed by our tightly focused research team. We continue to use these products in our own research every day. We know them intimately, and just how important it is that they deliver.

This is why our research team is also our customer service department. And they are only a click or call away.

We don’t have 100 products, and that is just the way we like it. This means that the quality of every product, and the needs of every customer are critically important for us.

Are you ready to try specialty cell culture done by the specialists? We look forward to your enquiry.

Peter Girling, Founder